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Thirsty/Hungry-Definition (from Double E Dictionary):  1. any man or woman that constantly posts on social networking sites how horny they are no matter what group or topic is being discussed; 2. Any man or woman that sends or posts, unsolicited or posts solicited, nude or semi-nude photos of themselves for the world to see thinking it’s sexy; 3.  Any man or woman who 97% of their “conversation” is about sex; 4.  Any man or woman who sends pictures of their genitalia, most times unsolicited, to a “potential” partner.


Let’s face it, we ALL know these people and if you’re like me you avoid them like the plague.  Ok who am I kidding, I just sit back look at my phone or computer, laugh, shake my head and scroll on by.  If I get an unsolicited photograph of someone’s member, I’m not a happy camper and most times just delete the garbage and move on.  However, if caught in one of my RBWD (Right B*tch, Wrong Day) moods then he is liable to get cursed out.


These people are irritating and a complete turn off to me.  When did it become cute to sound desperate for sex?  Aren’t there some “Ladies of the evening” or “Gentlemen” out there who get paid for their services still?  I mean it IS the world’s oldest profession, right?  Oh wait, I know, they are looking for it for free.  *smacks forehead* How silly of me. 


I remember the first time I was sent a picture of some guys “other member”.  I was at the club with a few of my friends after realizing my marriage was going to be over.   There was this nice looking guy standing by the bar so I went up and struck a conversation with him.  Turns out he was a bouncer.  We talked for a moment then exchanged phone numbers.  Several moments later, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and it’s a text, from him.  So I open it up and my mouth promptly falls open.  What in the world?!  Ok, so I’m a little older.  I was almost in my 40’s and I’d been out of the dating game for 16 years and this was a shock to me. 


Since that first one, I’ve gotten several pictures of guys’ non thinking member.  Never ask for them I just get them.  Since when did sending these things to people, without their asking, become the norm?  It’s a turn off to me. 


On the flip side, they always ask me for a picture of me, which I have no problem sending you a shot of my head and shoulders WITH clothes on.  Take it or leave it.  Here is where the thirsty part comes in, the guy seems to think that they are somehow “special” to me (having just “met” them) and that if I could just take one picture of myself with no clothes on “for their eyes only” that this is somehow going to get me to cave in and take that picture.  Um, not! 


Then they resort to begging.   Did I mention that begging isn’t cute?  No?  Oh well let me mention that now, begging isn’t cute.  Never has been.  Dogs beg people shouldn’t. Besides dogs have these big, cute eyes that just make you melt and have a better chance of making me cave in than some dude I just “met” online or at a club.  You’re not furry either, unless, never mind.  It makes a difference.  Making me say “no” several times (or even telling you before you ask) only makes me turned off, tuned out and plain old irritated.


So for all you thirst buckets, as I like to call you, please stop.  First off I’m a lady.  I don’t want to see what you have in your pants, I would like for you to leave something to the imagination, MY imagination.   Secondly, please don’t ask me for nude or semi-nude pictures, it’s not happening no matter how well I know you but it REALLY isn’t happening if I just met you.  Thirdly, don’t beg.  It really isn’t cute and it’s irritating as hell.  Lastly, for those people who think that posting/sending those type of pictures to the opposite sex, and making sex 97% of your conversation, pray you don’t run into someone like me who has had it up to YOUR eyeballs with it, because I’m just going to call you by what you are, thirsty/hungry aka desperate.


Double E


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  1. So is this the part where I send you inappropriate pics now? We’ve known each other for a while!!!!! lol You a hot mess girl!

  2. Well speaking for me and not other guys, thats not my thing and find nothing exciting about it at all. i dont see where sending a picture of my manhood would help me out anyways. I have figure this out a long time ago, a woman knows from the first 5 to 10 minutes if she will have sex with you or throw ur ass in the friend zone. Its up to the guy to not mess it up if there is any chance of him getting it or being a friend. Plus I dont want to end up on the internet looking like a fool with my penis in my hand.


    • Thinking about it doesn’t mean you are thirsty. Everyone thinks about sex, some more than others. It’s what toy do that makes the difference. These people constantly post pictures of themselves on social sites and practically begging for sex. They send unsolicited pictures too, that is thirsty and hungry. Thoughts that don’t translate or manifest themselves into anything are just thoughts.

  4. Not me at pics…and i am not soliciting a thing

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