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            First off let me start by saying congratulations to the proud parents of little Ms. Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

            Now for what I really want to say, which is what a lot of us are already thinking, who really gives a crap?  Beyonce had a baby, big deal.  I had three but you didn’t see my name plastered all over the news, TMZ, Facebook, Myspace, Hi-5 and a plethora of other websites.  Nor did you hear about me “renting out” an entire maternity ward in some hospital, installing bullet proof glass, etc. and denying other parents from seeing their newborns because I wanted to protect my children and needed privacy.  So why are they so all fired important that they garnered so much attention? 

            They aren’t.  They are humans just like me and every other person on the planet, they just happen to have a ton of money and spend it rather extravagantly on bullshit. 

            Let me restate that, they are human, one had a baby and they spent their money on bullshit.  If they wanted all this privacy they would have turned one of the many rooms in their home into a mini hospital, hired a OB/GYN, a neo-natal nurse and bought the equipment they needed or may have needed and let her give birth in their house.  Instead, they inconvenienced a ton of normal people, denied access to one father and caused a huge scene simply because they could. 

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “hating” on them, I’m just hating that I have to log into my Facebook, MSNBC, Yahoo or any other news source and see Joe and Be-non-say and if I hear that song, Glory, one more time I’m going to scream!  He isn’t the only person that has ever written a song about the birth of their child.  Stevie Wonder did it, “Isn’t She Lovely” and even Eric Clapton wrote a song about the tragic death of his son, “If I Saw You in Heaven”, but neither of those songs were “celebrated” or otherwise like this one has been.

            Having said all that brings me to this, what is everyone’s obsession with celebrities?  I guess I’m weird in that I don’t really give two shakes of a lamb’s tail, a hacked up hairball or the death of some squirrel on the road about them.  I don’t log on to Celebrity News, Perez Hilton or any other site to see the latest.  The magazines on the shelves get passed by without even so much as a glance in the general direction. 


            Celebrities are human beings who happen to have decided to put their lives under the microscope for the rest of the world to see.  They put their pants on one leg at a time like I do and they eat, drink, have bowel movements and everything else like the rest of us.  They aren’t special, at least not in my world they aren’t. 

            True story (and believe me, I got a million of ‘em).  I lived in South Carolina at the time and a group of co-workers and I had rented a limo to celebrate one of the ladies’ birthdays with a weekend at the downtown hotel in Columbia.  Maxwell happened to be in town in concert that weekend also.  Apparently he had gotten sick and had to cancel his show.  While I was getting into the limo, I saw this bus that had parked in front of the hotel and as he was coming out of the hotel door, I was getting into the limo.  I literally looked him in his face, we locked eyes for a moment and then I got into the limo.  It was only about five minutes into the limo ride that I realized, “oh that was Maxwell!  *laughed* Hope he feels better!” and kept right on laughing with my friends. 

            I’ve had several encounters with celebrities.  I’ve met Patrick Ewing, Cheryl Miller, Reggie Miller (THAT whiny crybaby, but I digress), Gary Sinise and a bunch of other celebrities that I can’t even name.  How much do you want to bet that not a single one of them remember ever meeting me, my name or let alone signing an autograph for me?  They meet millions of people a year and unless you stick out like a sore thumb, they don’t remember you from a hill of beans they played with as a kid. 

            By the way, if you’re wondering why so many sports stars, I played basketball in high school and having warmed the bench on a few state championships, I got to go to the Naismith Banquet in Atlanta, Georgia a few years in a row and met all of them when they were still in college. 

            I guess those of you who practically worship the ground they walk on have nothing better to do with yourselves so you obsess over someone who has money that you will never meet (and if you do they won’t remember you 5 seconds after the picture flash goes off and have already forgotten your name) and support the stalker-razzi by buying the garbage magazines, tuning in to the television, and “hitting” the websites all in search of information on their favorite celebrity.  Way to keep the stalkers employed folks! 

            I “support” my favorite celebrities by watching the movies they make, buying the records they sell and watching their events on television.  I may even buy a ticket when they come to town but that is as far as I go with it.  I don’t watch their “reality” television shows because they are all garbage.  If they have that much drama going on in their lives how do they have time to do anything else?  It’s all unreal to me besides, I have enough “drama” in my life that I don’t need to escape by watching someone else’s unfold.  I’d rather watch a train wreck.  Then again, most of these shows are train wrecks, but none I’d be interested in watching.


Double E


Posted January 10, 2012 by doublee42 in Things I see

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  1. Girl I am so in agreement with you, I could have written this..Unfortunately it would not have not been put together so eloquently..who gives a damn..why do we waste our time trying to imitate people who have no idea who they are and whose life are fucked up more than ours. I agree also about turning a room a wing even of their home into a hospital if they wanted so much privacy. But why should they, when they can waste other people time by inconveniencing them. why is the birth of her child more important than the birth of any child, to me it is just not that important as u said.. I will watch some of the reality shows.. But not has an obsession, I am home and want to relax and waste time so I watch….Just like not important.

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