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You must please excuse me, there have been a lot of things on my mind during my short stint on the earth and now that I have a creative outlet to say them in, I am hell bent on saying it all.  Think of me as the person that gives voice to that which you know full well you are thinking but are too afraid to say it aloud or put it into words for fear of being politically incorrect. 

Screw being politically correct (who came up with this stupid term anyway?), I’m all about speaking the truth.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say and I don’t make apologies about it.  As Jack said in A Few Good Men, “You want the truth?!  You can’t handle the truth!”  Well in Double E World you’re going to hear the truth whether you want to or not.  I only offer you two choices.  One, read it, get used to it, like it, love it or hate it; or two, don’t read it.  Yeah, it’s just that simple. However, if you don’t do anything else, please share it with your friends.  They may like it even if you don’t!  *ßI call this a shameless plug*

I don’t pull any punches and I don’t hold anything back.  I’m not here to be your friend, win a popularity contest or anything of the sort.  Okay, maybe that last one about the popularity contest is a complete fabrication of the truth.  I do have an ulterior motive for starting this blog.

            While saying what’s been on my mind for several years, it’s also my attempt to garner a following outside of my 1408, no 1406, no 1401 friends I have on Facebook (Darn Facebook changes my friend count every time I refresh the page.  So I don’t know how many friends I have but it’s up there).  While a lot of them are people that I know personally to include several family members and former co-workers, there are several thousand that I’ve never met.  They were mainly for game play but since I haven’t really had the desire to play these games, they have all stuck around because of some of the insane things I say in my status messages.  Unbeknownst to me, I have gained a bit of a following and I apparently keep people laughing because of it.  In addition to saying what’s been on my mind for a while, I started the blog to see if a project I’m working on actually would be not just a good idea but a great one.  Call it marketing research, if you will. 

            Sometimes people start blogs, projects or anything for various reasons but don’t ever seem to follow through with it.  I was once told that I never complete a project.  That got me to thinking, was it true that I never finished anything I started?  I’m going to have to go with a serious ‘no’ on this one. 

            I didn’t just start having a kid and decide I couldn’t stand the pain any longer and stopped.  I had her and two others and I’ve managed to successfully raise one to adulthood, one to semi-adulthood and the other, well he may not make it.  The jury is still out.  Just kidding, I love all my kids even if they do drive me guano crazy.  He will make it even if I have to drag him to the finish line myself.  He will.  I also didn’t start living and just decide one day that I quit because it was too hard.  Some people do that, I never understood why.  But I digress.  I don’t stop and/or quit on the important things.  This is important to me. 

            I plan on seeing this through to the end because I want to see where it takes me.  Heck, the road could take me no further than sitting in front of my computer screen, writing about the world as I see it through my finger print smudged glasses with the clear lenses that get dark when I go outside or it can take me places I have only dreamed.  No one knows but I’d love for you to take the journey with me.

            Some may call me cynical, but I don’t believe that I’m old enough to be cynical.  Older people are cynical and I find it hilarious because I firmly believe that they have earned the right to be as cynical as they please.  They’ve been around long enough to see the lunacy that is the human race and if they seem angry as hell, they earned that right too.  Me?  I’m more sarcastic.  It’s a natural defense against things I feel are stupid.  I have learned that I have a very low tolerance for stupidity.  I have to turn on my “natural filter” sometimes, depending on the setting, before I open my mouth because there is no telling what might come out. 

            This is the “brief” introduction into my world.  Not much to see right now but trust me, there are so many things going on in my brain they are all jockeying for a position to get out.  So have fun while you are here.  I can promise that you will laugh, cry, cry laughing, and you may even get angry, but the one thing you can always say is that you will see the truth in what I write no matter how hard, fast or ugly it gets. 


Double E


2 responses to “Double E World: What’s it all about

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  1. I thought I was the only one who noticed the strangely changing FB friends, lol. It feels good to have an actual outlet to express yourself. Looking forward to reading and sharing your point of view on some of my own pages I’ve recently started

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