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Last night I was talking to a bunch of other people in another one of my groups and the topic was “how do you know a relationship is over”.  People began listing things such as “no more communication”, “cheating”, “not having sex” and a bunch of other things.  One guy even had the nerve to say that he would glue her Christian Louboutin shoes together which was like saying you were going to murder her child.  The ladies were going nuts and even I had to tell the man, don’t mess with the shoes because that’s like asking to die a slow, painful death.  All she would need was a jury of her peers (women) and she’d be out in less than six months.

I joined in the conversation drawing off of my own experience and the things that happened before my marriage ended, horribly.  Things like taking his favorite fork, smashing the tongs straight with a hammer and putting it back in the draw without washing it (I put it on the ground), barely speaking to one another or if speaking it sounded like grunts; not wanting to be in the same room with them so when he would enter, I would leave or when saying “fuck you” as you passed one another in the hall was the only sex you were having.

I even threw in some that friends had told me like the one where some girl was so mad at her ex that she laid all his clothes out on the bed and opened ketchup packets and squeezed all the ketchup out on his clothes.  Do you know how mad someone has to be to take that kind of time to meticulously open each packet and squeeze the ketchup out?  Or my personal favorite where she said she took all his left shoes and threw them in the trunk of her car and went to work.  I couldn’t stop laughing at this last one because all I could think of this guy going into his closet looking and going “where the hell are all my left shoes?!”  Or the one that my ex-husband’s ex-girlfriend told me that sent me into to convulsions of laughter, she took the last square off of the roll of toilet paper and left the empty roll in the bathroom.  Weak doesn’t even begin to describe how I was because I was laughing so hard.  Apparently this is something that they are taught because I asked another friend of mine and she said the same thing.

Still drawing off my own experiences, I listed leaving the person without telling them, because according to my ex, he left me when he was reassigned to another state and even though he and I had discussed me and our other children joining him after the oldest graduated, he tried to use that during our divorce.  Nice try son, but no.  Lack of communication was pretty much the running theme until it got sort of ugly.  As someone said we went from “Snapped to 48 hrs.”  Some people were talking about physically hurting the other person.  Now don’t get me wrong, I freely admit that sometimes when I looked at him that I wanted to bash his head in with one of his softball bats, but he wasn’t worth the jail time and still isn’t.

Taking high blood pressure medications and making them mad so their pressure goes up; arsenic poisoning, running people over with cars and a whole host of other things that would definitely land someone on an episode of 48 hrs. or even the show Cops.  While it was all in fun and no one was really serious, this leads to my question.

How many of my readers-hello you’re out there right?-have broken up with someone and saw the signs before it happened?  What were your “signs” that the relationship was over?

Double E


Posted January 12, 2012 by doublee42 in Relationships

4 responses to “How did you know your relationship was over?

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  1. dwl, ok if i want to get back at someone I now have a lot more ideas. I think women are so much more meticulous at revenge that males. but i think sure signs that your relationship is over is when the loving stops. I thinks communication stops when individuals stop loving each other. this does not mean that you had a wonderful communication channel before,, be at least you tried. when you stop trying its because you no longer care that the other person is hurt.

    • Lol, don’t tell them you got any ideas from me though. I don’t know anything. But communication seems rip be the biggest one and the first thing that goes out the window right along with the trust. I don’t think communication should ever stop though because you want your feelings to be known and being angry isn’t the way to do it. Anger could damage a lot more than just material things

  2. the only time u can really be sure is over is when u wake up one morning and that person isnt on ur mind or ur heart…im a believer in fighting for what you want and not just moving from one peson to another….i dont believe that putting someone else in ur bed will change things it will only block the pain for a moment….any case its not being real with self…thats the problem ppl run to much instead of dealing with issues at hand….i would leave it i found out u cheated but only if i asked u and you lied…communication is a sign but lack of communication could mean u need space to fiqure out where u want to be…but if u use that space to get loose the purpose is useless…

    • That I can agree with. From experience, I used my away time from my now ex to get me straight, he used his to do him, I.e. cheat with multiple women. Needed to say when I found out I was done. Everyone had their breaking point but I still phenyl that nothing in a marriage/relationship is so jacked that it can’t be fixed but as you said you do have to communicate.

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