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This is a repost from a Note I wrote on Facebook on February 11, 2011 in response to people thinking that I’m still in pain or hurt because of what happened to me:

I am a writer, a story teller.  A good story teller can make you feel pleasure, pain, hurt, angst, love, hate, anger and disgust with the stroke of his or her pen or the flourish of their fingers over their keyboard.

I can write a story that will make feel passion and desire for your significant other; or I can write one that will make you feel pain and hurt.

Just because I have come from a place of deep and great pain, does not mean that I still feel that same way when I speak of it.  When I speak of it, I want you to understand MY side.  Where I came from not where I am.

Do not assume that when I say something about my past that I am still stuck there.  I am not.  Do not assume that I am gleeful or happy about the things that I had to do in order to get where I am right now.  There is nothing gleeful or happy about causing another person pain.  As with everyone else, my past makes me who I am.  I have embraced it but I have also moved on from it.  Learned from it cherished it but I do not dwell there.  When I speak on it, it is to be spoken on in such a way that you will understand it and feel it.

Feel my pleasure, my pain, my sacrifice, my love, my loss, my triumph; my rise and my fall and my rise again all with the stroke of my pen.

Feel my words but also understand this…

I am human.  I am also a writer, a story teller.  That is what I do.


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