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Ok, I just came from the movies.  I did a “double feature”, completely unintentionally.  I went to see Underworld with no problem but then I went to see Red Tails.  Both movies were great and I’m glad I didn’t wait for Red Tails to come out on DVD before I saw it, but then again, I kind of wish I had but not because it was over two hours long; but because there were a bunch of little people (teenagers) that were sitting behind me.

I got in the theater late because Underworld had just gotten out and I hadn’t really planned on going to see a double feature, so I was forced to sit in the worst seat in the house, middle of the very first row right in front of the screen.  Fine, I scooted down in the seat, propped my feet on the rail in front of me and then waited for the movie to start.

I should have known that it was going to be trouble because the entire row behind me was full of teenagers, but I tried to give them and their parents the benefit of the doubt hoping they had home training and knew how to conduct themselves in the theater.

I give too much credit.

Now someone should have warned these “little darlings” that this movie was over two hours long.  Apparently someone in their little group failed to let them know the length of the movie because two of them kept getting up and leaving (and I think one may have hit some poor guy in the back of the head as she rushed down the row to leave and she definitely made a lot of noise on the way back); two or three of them kept kicking the back of the seat next to me which made the whole row of seats move; one of them literally started singing “to herself” in the middle of the movie and I’m relatively sure that this same “little darling” was doing all the heavy sighing and talking to the screen being the stereotypical ghetto ass black person in the theater.  Now I’m trying hard not to say anything and I managed to not turn around and ask them in my “mother voice” to shut the hell up because I didn’t feel like arguing with the unarmed.

I’m sure I speak for everyone who has ever gone to the theater and had anything like this happen to them when I say, parents, if your kids don’t know how to act, keep their asses at home or go with them to the theater.  I paid my money just like the next person but I should not have to suffer through any move, regardless of length, with the type of behavior that goes on.  Had I not had another one my infamous headaches I would have asked management to ask them to be quiet or leave the theater quietly.

This same behavior is the same behavior I see when people allow their smaller kids to run around restaurants, air planes or any place in public while they sit around looking dazed and confused as if their children aren’t accidents waiting to happen. Then when something happens the parents want to act incredulous about being “treated in such a manner”.

Um, excuse me?  *insert a stale face right here please*.  What do you mean you are upset because the restaurant management is asking you to gather your “little darling” and leave, or asking you to get off the plane because you can’t get your “little darling” to sit down so the flight can take off after you boarding the plane first and giving you an extra 15 minutes to get your “little darling” to sit down.  Even my kids (one who is an adult and the other two who are nearly grown) look at people’s kids with complete disdain when they see other kids running around like the kids from “Lord of the Flies”.  I actually had to keep one of them (my very vocal middle one) from saying something to someone else’s child and even tripping her up because she wouldn’t sit down.

I’m by no stretch of the imagination saying that my kids are perfect angels but all children must be taught how to act in public and in order to do that you must take them out in public and actually teach them, not sit there and let them run around like mad little people.  I understand children get antsy and bored and are bundles of little energy but you must teach them how to control that when in public or else they could cause accidents, delays and a ton of people getting mad.

Restaurants and some movie theaters have gone to not allowing children under a certain age in the establishment after a certain time for this very reason but parents feel as though they are being excluded or discriminated against.  Well, it’s because you are.  Too many “bad apples” have spoiled it for the rest of you.

When my kids were younger, I would take them to restaurants and teach them that if I wasn’t doing it then they shouldn’t be either.  They learned.  I have been on international flights and as people are getting off of the plane (because we were always the last off so other people could get to their destinations without being held up by slow moving children) several of them have exclaimed that they didn’t know there were even children on the flight because mine stayed in their seat.  I’ve gotten compliments about how they act in public as well because they are well behaved whether I’m there or not and that is because I taught them how to act.

So from one parent and all those people who don’t have kids but like to enjoy a movie, a quiet dinner in a restaurant and get on their flights without delay, please, teach your kids how to act in public.

Thank you so much!!

Double E


Posted January 29, 2012 by doublee42 in Things I see

2 responses to “Home training: Parents please teach your kids how to act in public

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  1. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. teaching children how to act in public all begins with morality and ethics. so going to restaurants, movies, planes etc…. is just the beginning. if people would teach their children how to behave, most the punk-ass-crap that goes on in school for bullying and destruction wouldnt happen. the prisons would loose population and the human race could actually begin to advance again instead of taking the 2 steps back like it has been for the last 3-4 generations.

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