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As we all know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Go into any store and you will see a sea of red and pink balloons, flowers, stuff animals and a field of roses.  They started putting these things out in some stores before Christmas was even over. Leading a lot of us to say “um, can we get through one holiday first before you start shoving the next one down our throats please and thank you?!”  Or was that just me? The single day out of the year men spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to show they love their girlfriends/wives by buying the overpriced gifts, balloons, teddy bears that say “I love you” and chocolate and women either sit around and wait for these things or pout because they broke up with their boyfriend right before or don’t have anyone at all and whine about it until it’s over.  Some ladies have even resorted to buying their own roses and having them sent to their office proclaiming “I love me some me!”  I would rather go buy myself some shoes to show how much I love me some me. 

The beginning of this “day of love” better known as Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is unclear.  According to the website, it may have had something to do with the celebration of the death and/or burial of Saint Valentine that occurred in 270 A.D. and that the Catholic Church may have decided to place the celebration in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration. (Sidebar:  anyone ever notice that a lot of Christian holidays used to be pagan holidays?  This is something to think about here folks, because there is more to Christianity than what you are being taught in Sunday school.  Sidebar:  over).  You can read more about this holiday at

I have no clue when this entire thing became so commercialized though.  This part, I believe, may have been started by Hallmark® as a way to sale greeting cards and it literally blew up from there because every other industry wanted a piece of the pie.  Hersey’s chocolate, the toy industry, florists and of course the greeting card companies have all capitalized on this day of “love”.  Walk into any store and you will see row upon row of greeting cards all professing some kind of undying love for “her” for “him” for “them” for the kids, the dog, the cat and your pet gerbil; there are “heart” shaped boxes of pink and red colored candies, bags of chocolate all shaped in the form of a “heart”, shelf after shelf of stuffed bears, dragons, gorillas (?), dogs and any other animal you can think of all holding hearts that say “I luv (love, wub, lub) you (u)”, some even sing and “dance”.  Quite frankly it’s enough to make you want to either hurl or light a match and watch it all go up in flames, but I’m not mad though.  Make that money!

Here’s my gripe though; why would you want someone to only show you they love you on this one day of the year?  Now before anyone goes all south and sideways on me thinking that I’m bitter because I’m single and I’m not getting anything, don’t bother.  I haven’t gotten anything for Valentine’s Day in years (even before my marriage was over) and if I did, it was surely a last minute “oh yeah I forgot, I’m married and I should get her something” type thing and giant cards from my kids don’t count; so this day hasn’t really meant anything to me for a while.  If I wanted something, I’d send myself a dozen roses, buy a box of candy and not bother with the dust gatherers called stuffed animals.  Don’t get me wrong, it’d be great if I did get something, but trust me, I’m not expecting anything and I’m not pressed about it either. 

I actually prefer that if I were with someone that they show me they love me every other day but this one.   Why?  That’s simple, I prefer you didn’t spend a small fortune on a dozen roses that are going to shrivel up and die after a week (has anyone noticed that the month before Valentine’s Day roses are $9.99 a dozen and then on February 1st they darn near triple in price????  Can you say “highway robbery”?), a card that will be displayed for a few days or a week after the fact only to be crammed in a drawer some place and forgotten or even placed in a scrap book to be forgotten; and a stuffed something that will no doubt gather dust while sitting in the corner of your room or even die a horrible “death” upon the break-up with the person who bestowed it upon you.

If you love me, show me that before this day and even after this day but don’t go out of your way to show me just this day that you love me.  Buy me a single rose every day.  Don’t buy me chocolate though.  Not into sweets like that and hug me every day and you be my teddy bear.  Those are the types of things that I prefer.  But the biggest gift of all that you could give me is your time.  I value that above all the other crap. 

So, as a “heads up” to anyone who claims to love me in that way, the best way for you to show me that you really do is to show up the day before Valentine’s or even the day after, unannounced, with a single rose in hand and tell me that you want to spend a few hours with me, cuddled up on the couch watching a movie and/or talking.  That’s how I know you really do love me.


Double E


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2 responses to “The other 364 Days of the year….

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  1. Outstanding thoughts Double E n girl u r so right. Just one day isn’t enough to express ur love. U Go Girl

  2. so what your saying is dont come over only wearing a trench coat with a can of whip cream in one hand and a bottle of hersheys in the other saying happy valentines day?

    LMAO, sorry, had to……..

    commercialization has taken most every holiday, religious or not and distorted it for their profit. the original intent is long lost from memory by most. very few know or remember the coca cola santa clause explosion that has overtaken the meaning of Christmass. even fewer know that Christmass was aligned with the winter solstice instead of the actual date of his birth. even fewer still know that the winter solstice only came around to increase community relations in the early winter when spirits were low.

    when establishing the dominance of a point of view, eliminating the competition isnt the only consideration. one also has to consider the peoples desire to party, such was many of the holidays that christianity now replaces. they needed to put something in its place to keep the people from wanting to celebrate “improperly” and drive the pagan gods from memory.
    Valentines day has many characteristics of timing with the feast of Lupercalia. back when women lined up willingly to get wiped by fresh animal skins. a pagan ritual for fertility and love.
    it also coincides with a few executions of catholic practitioners that happened to different people with the name Valentine around the same date, just some years/decades apart.

    if you look back in history, there is a clear successful birth rate time frame that puts children born durring of after harvesting times making winter best for conception (september to february). back then they didnt know about the 40 week cycle, they thought the gods granted them fertility, they thought they needed to honor the gods for a better chance at children. with the hardships of life, they had little time to put towards this and the most logical time was when the snow isolated them from others. winter solstice (2 months prior) was a celebration, one that caused many pregnancies but they didnt always know by about being pregnant by february. there was a need to pay tribute to the gods, hence Lupercalia. another celebration that caused many pregnancies.

    it has been clear to me for many, many years that if you want to understand the real basis behind a holiday, its original meaning, you need to look not just behind the modern day commercialization, not just the churches warping of a pagan ritual but past those to what was going on at that time of year and in the century of origination. the considerations are not only physical but mentality and civilization based as well.

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