Apathy, Racism and Protest Can’t Co-exist: Part I   2 comments

As so many of you are aware, an innocent 17 year old boy was shot dead in Sanford, FL for looking “suspicious.”  He was wearing a hoodie, carrying a can of Arizona Iced Tea and a bag of Skittles.  His only “crime” was that he was black and the person that shot him felt he was in the “wrong” neighborhood.  This crime was subsequently covered up by the Sheriff’s Department and the killer of this young man was free to walk the streets that very night. 

As a show of solidarity and support, people of all colors have come together to protest this senseless crime and cover-up.  By getting the story out there, posting pictures of themselves in hoodies (because you have to admit people, this is not just the attire of black males, whites, Latinos and other races wear them too), blogging about it and making sure that it isn’t just kept hush-hush on radio and television and that this story, that affects all of us, doesn’t get buried and forgotten.

This young man’s name is Trayvon Martin.  His family misses him.  His friends miss him. 

Trayvon is our son, our brothers, our nephews, and our grandsons. 

I posted the picture below on my Facebook page last night and sparked a conversation with someone on my friends list that got beyond heated.  It brought me to tears and Double E doesn’t like to cry. 


His thoughts were that by over saturating newsfeeds, television, blogs, etc. with images of this young man, his story, protests and yes, pictures like the one above, would eventually make people immune to the issue. 

Is this what you think? 

If Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe, Sojouner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, W. E. B. Dubois and the countless others had given up talking about ending slavery and equality do you think I would be able to sit here and write this blog, go to the same malls, stores, beaches, and use the same public restrooms as everyone else? 

If Susan B. Anthony and the millions of other women that participated in the Suffrage Movement had just “mentioned” their wants and needs “in passing” would I and other women even have the right to vote?  Do you think that the young lady “Roe” would have given me the right to choose what I do with my body if she had merely “mentioned, in passing” that it was her body and no one elses to tell what to do with it or would I and my daughters and your daughters have had to continue to go into back alleys and get rid of children that we could not take care of?

Apathy, silence and mentioning Trayvon Martin in passing did not bring the United States Justice Department headed by Eric Holder, to Sanford, FL.  Loud, continuous protests did.  Being apathetic and letting things die down now only shows that when we stand up for something that we are only “fly by the moment” group of people.  We are not.  Now is not the time to grow silent in this, now is the time to grow louder in our demands and not let the momentum stop until justice has been fully served. 

Trayvon’s memory will not go away into the night slowly nor will the protests die until justice is served.  If you don’t like it, go hide under your rock, plug your ears and cover your eyes while the REST of us stand up and shout for him and everyone else like him that has died at the hands of a racist piece of garbage because it affects not just blacks but every single one of us REGARDLESS of what color your skin.

Double E


2 responses to “Apathy, Racism and Protest Can’t Co-exist: Part I

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  1. Society has been brainwashed to believe that it will make no change so we can stay in our “place” and complacent. I for one wish I was able to go to New York or DC and rally. I hope this man can’t sleep at night because he knows what he did. This is just like Casey Anthony; the whole world knows she’s guilty yet our flawed as justice system lets them go. America is a system that only works if you’re a white preferably a man. That’s exactly why I’m racist as hell because white America hasn’t changed they’ve just gone from Jim Crow to this flawed ass Justice System we have today.

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